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SA Centenary


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3rd August 1936 South Australian Centenary

Designed and Engraved FD. Manley

CA watermark Perf 11

First use of nickel coated electros.

After the very poor printings of the previous issue (Silver Jubilee), the electrotype plates were nickel coated. This gave considerably better wearing properties and the images are reasonably sharp.

In the foreground of the design is the old gum tree in the suburb of Glenelg, Adelaide where the proclamation of the founding of Adelaide was read, December 29, 1836. The background is a contemporary skyline of Adelaide from King William street.

Plate numbering was dispensed with as of this issue. The number of plates made for each value are unknown, but it would be safe to assume one each for the 3d and 1/-, and probably four for the 2d.

Four steel plates AND 3 copper electros were made for the 2d.

Two steel plates for the 3d.

One copper electro for the 1/-


wpeC0.jpg (71961 bytes) Plate layout followed the standard pattern from the Victorian Centenary Issue of a 320-on printsheet guillotined to four separate post office sheets of 2 panes 10 rows of four.

The Ash Imprint appears in the centre of each narrow interpane gutter.


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