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3d Kooka
1/- Lyre
6d Kooka


1928 1930 1935


Feb 1932 June 1932 (typographed)

The portrait issues were derived directly from the KGV recess series of 1913. T.S. Harrison obviously resurrected his original layout, size and format from that aborted series. The majority of these stamps follow that layout of a single pane, 12 rows of 10 on unwatermarked paper, line perf 11.

Subsequent to the issue of the 1927 Canberra, it was standard practice to include both plate numbers and imprints on the post office sheets. This practice only really occurs on the Sturt Commemoratives, solely because there are so few designs in this format to indicate the general policy.

Because nearly each stamp in this chapter has exceptions to the general rule, the following details the relevant areas.

  Watermark Perf     Imprint Plate numbers
3d Kooka   11 Flat Recess 1x12x10    
Sturts   11 Flat Recess 1x12x10
Lyre Bird   11 Flat Recess 1x12x10  
1/- Anzac   11 Flat Recess 2x10x6
6d Kooka 13.5 x 12.5 Typographed 2x10x6  
2d Anzac 13.5 x 12.5 Rotary Recess (4x)2x8x6

It can probably be seen here that the print method employed dictated the paper and perf, and consequently the layout.


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