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wpeAC.jpg (32645 bytes)

2d Light Hills 3 plates

wpeB0.jpg (36608 bytes)

2d Dark Hills (Die 2) 1 plate Delta Metal

57,432,000 (both dies)

wpeB2.jpg (39982 bytes)

3d Blue 1 plate

wpe97.jpg (40909 bytes)

9d Purple 1 plate


1st November 1934

Designed and Engraved by FD. Manley.

Watermarked CA, Perf 11.5

Issued on the centenary of Macarthur's death in 1834. Macarthur introduced the Spanish Merino to Australia which thrived and consequently created the biggest primary industry for the country. The design is taken from a photo of a prize Merino on the original property in Camden, NSW.

The die used to create the 2d, 3d and 9d plates caused a weak, washed out appearance (particularly on the 2d). After the supply of the first, large, printing of the 2d the die was corrected, new plate made, and subsequent printings appeared with 'dark hills' among other minor changes. In fact, a change of ink made more of a difference to the second 2d issue than any other factor. This alone would not ordinarily cause a revised die issue to occur. Some so far unrecorded factor such as cracked plate, caused this modification to take place.

The 3d is an unusually difficult stamp to find, particularly mint.

The colour of the 9d was continued at the time of the zoologicals with the 9d platypus. Ash was gearing up for the Zoo series with these denominations, colours and issues.

Both this, and the Victorian Centenary, remained on sale together for some time. Probably due to the 9d and 1/- of each series.

The design proved popular and continued on the zoological series with the 5d ram.


Copper plate electros except for a single Dark hills plate of Delta metal.


wpeAD.jpg (82016 bytes) Sheet layout followed that introduced by the Victorian Centenary. Namely a 320 on printsheet comprising four post office sheets. Each PO sheet comprising 2 panes 10 rows of 4. The narrow interpane gutter is characteristic of all issues in this chapter.

Ash Imprint appears bottom centre below pane gutter.

Upper Post office sheets have perforation running through the imprint.

  The dark hills delta metal plate was produced by directly rolling the die into soft metal.

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