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wpeCC.jpg (24533 bytes) wpeD5.jpg (41155 bytes)

The first issue to appear in this new format was the 1954 royal visit.

The printsheet consisted of four post office sheets, each, a single pane of 8 rows x 10 stamps. While no imprints appeared in the margins, the usual pip marks and other guidelines can be found. Positions of the post office sheets are labelled in the conventional Australian philatelic manner, A thru D.

All stamps using this layout were perforated 14.25 x 14.

This is the printer's printsheet view and corresponds to portrait (upright) stamp designs.

Imprints had been abolished from November 1952 and so do not occur on this layout.

wpeD6.jpg (25792 bytes)
wpeCC.jpg (43441 bytes) This is the 'landscape' layout of the same printsheet. It has no consequence to the printer, but is illustrated here as a philatelic convenience. Here, the perforations are 14 x 14.25, and the post office sheet is organised as 10 rows of 8. While these two parameters are easy to adjust to, the significant changes are in the unfortunate alteration to sheet positions and naming conventions.

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