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The 1d
The 6d
War Savings

PMG Xmas Card for 1913

December 1913 Never issued August 1914 Never issued
1,200,000* 960,000
March 1914

1913 KGV RECESS ISSUES. No Wmk Line Perf 11

War Savings

The illustrations above show the complete set of Australia’s first commemorative series. Designed in 1913/14 and not well understood. Also illustrated are the nemesis of the series, the Great War’s savings stamps which were produced in an identical manner.

*The 1d was issued in two tranches, each of 1.2 million stamps. The majority of sheets were aligned to horizontal mesh on the first issue where the stamps curl top to bottom. On the second issue, the printing was vertical, the gum is clearer, and generally deeper in colour. Neither is an absolute guide

The majority of 6d stamps were used on telegrams. Very few are found used postally.

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