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3,078,240 1,808,400

15th July 1940

Designer and Engraver F.D.Manley 2.d

Subsidiary dies for the other value were created by transfer roller of the 2d. TC Duffel engraved.

CA Watermark, Perf 13 x 13

Ordinary and chalk surfaced papers in about equal quantities.

The addition of a 1d green value to a commemorative series reflects the large volumes of military concessional mail. Far from being a frivolous issue, it was a well thought out propaganda series. Even the 6d reflected the serious wartime conditions of usefulness. Ordinarily the high value of a commemorative was a little used but lucrative denomination of 1/- or above.

The 3d has a interesting variety of a ship in the side margin of sheets.

wpeC0.jpg (73116 bytes) Apart from the robes series of high value definitives, this was the last of this layout. It had changed in imprint position and perforation since it's introduction in 1934 of the Victorian Centenary. However, plate layout did remain the same, 320-on, with post office sheets of dual panes, 10 rows of 4 (landscape).

This is the 2nd of only two portrait orientations for this layout. The notes included for the Silver Jubilee are as relevant here (except for plate numbers).

Like the Jubilee, the imprint appears in the bottom centre margin of the lower pane only.



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