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A forward to the 2nd edition.

When I first released this handbook to the internet in 1986, the technology was in it's infancy, with modem speeds of 36k limiting the value of supplying too many images. The impact the website had then,  was a bonus to all collectors of Australia, most particularly the overseas collector in Europe and America who often do not have the luxury of 'seeing' the printed publications of Australian material.  They are hard pressed to find them, and equally hard pressed to even know of their existence.

Regardless of the Internet limitations, it was, at the time, a refreshing experience to be able to publish as many images as I did do. Releasing me, ironically, from the restrictions  that the printed book had imposed a decade before that! (The book was printed privately in California, and it's pages, were sent via Fax to dealers of that time, for their use).

And so, in the year AD 2008, with broadband speeds available to most people, another, quiet but refreshing revolution has taken place. I find I am now free to publish an orgy pictures to illustrate the subject of concern: A variety, a plate, a flaw, a (missing) imprint.

As much as I enjoy the written word, there is no truer statement than "a picture is worth a thousand words". The that end especially, the Kangaroo and KGV sections have been revised extensively. It is 1000% certain you will find images in there never seen before, except for the lucky owners of the actual stamp, block, or sheet.

Mike Andrew, June 2008

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