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wpe10B.jpg (20591 bytes) Tiger Cat.

Engraved: B. Stewart

1st master plate. May 1960

2nd master plate. Sept 1961

Quantities: Non Helecon: 1st and 2nd master plates: 88,872,160

Helecon paper 5.4.65 on 2nd master only, 14,141,709*

11th May 1960 to decimals
138,862.75 Printsheets *see notes

Master Plates:

This particular design caused problems in production. There are numerous retouches to the first master plate, from which, only two electros were produced. The plate was scrapped and a new master prepared from the same die. All subsequent printings and electros came from the 2nd plate.

All issues were printed on helecon coated paper from 1965 on. The residual quantity of 14 million stamps reflects the withdrawn from sale nature of decimalisation.   Naturally, the 1st master plate had long since disappeared. Thus helecon issues appear only on the 2nd master's electros.

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