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wpeD6.jpg (28872 bytes) 20/5/1959 Normal Paper
8/4/65 Helecon Paper
Quantities Normal Helecon*
Sheets 110,893,760 11,038,178 (8.4.65)
Coils (1960) 23,065,280 1,237,558 (31.5.65)

Discontinued at decimal currency

*Stamps printed on helecon coated paper are considerably paler and washed out on a white paper.

Initially, coils were produced from standard post office sheets, beginning in August 1960. In November, 1961 a special coil plate was introduced. BOTH, were available as sheets across the PO counter.

The very late introduction of Coils on Helecon paper came only from standard post office sheets and were not sold as sheets. Thus coil blocks are collectible on ordinary paper, and coil pairs for helecon.

 coil block plate 5plate 3

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