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wpeD1.jpg (21328 bytes) 21/3/1962 Ordinary paper

26/3/65 Helecon Paper

Quantities: Sheets Coils (1963)
Ordinary 24,739,200 15,968,000
Helecon 4,4532,310 (26.3.65) 1,736,973 (31.3.65)

Discontinued at decimal currency.


*Stamps printed on helecon paper are considerably paler and washed out in appearance. Naturally, white paper had been introduced just prior to helecon coated, white paper, and this issue is brighter as a consequence.

Coils were made from ordinary post office sheets. A special coil plate was not produced. Similar to other coil issues, coil sheets were freely available and are normally collected as blocks of four. Helecon coils however were not sold as sheets and are collected as traditional pairs.

coil plate #3

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