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1sh Halfpenny

   QE II Second Series Definitives

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9/3/1955 Watermark Sideways.

Perf 14x14.

Qty: 8,737,080

Layout: Medium Type A, Portrait.

Printsheet: 480-on. 4 post office sheets, single pane, 12 x 10.

This unusual value was a makeup rate for a 9d registration fee and standard letter rate. It replaced the equivalent KGVI. The design proved popular and became the genesis of the remaining issues.

Possibly discontinued on 1/10/59 postal increase, or replaced by the 1962 1/2d Animal

Watermarked paper

From 1956, all values up to and including 2/6d were printed on unwatermarked paper. Thus, in this series, only the 1/0d appears on watermarked paper because it was issued in 1995. It is interesting to note therefore that no further print runs occurred after 1955, and it was presumably discontinued sometime later.

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