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1959 Zoo


Australian Native Animals

1sh Platypus 9d Kangaroo 6d Anteater 8d Tiger Cat 11d Bandicoot 1/2d Tas Tiger
Sep 59 Oct 59 Sep 60 May60 May 61 Mar 62
Replaced by Colombo 9d Magpie 6d Thornbill Decimals Decimals Decimals

Designs by Eileen Mayo Engravers listed per denomination.

Helecon coated paper was introduced in 1965. It was used on the later printings of three of these values

8d 5.4.65 14,141,709*
11d 2.6.65 7,158,103*
1/2d 29.4.65 4,271,432*

The odd quantities reflect the withdrawn from sale nature of decimalisation.

There were two separate issues of the 11d with helecon, see 11d Bandicoot

Layout: All stamps used the 640 on format.

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