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QEII Definitives 3

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Increased postage:

The 5d was added to the series on 1 /10/59 when postage increased by a d. The 3d and possibly the 4d were discontinued at this time.

This un-inspiring series came from the Baron Studios. They are close to the ugliest issues produced by the Australian Commonwealth. The closest rival to this insipid series is the 1898 Queen Victoria 2d of NSW which was voted the ugliest stamp in the world at it's time of issue.

All were 'designed' by G. Lissendon, and most were engraved by P.E. Morris, they should have known better, but obviously missed their mentor F.D.Manley.

Typically, the only stamp in this issue which is passable is the 2d, which of course was engraved by Manley. The 3d, an insipid floral arrangement, was engraved by D. Cameron.


All stamps followed the traditional 640 on arrangement, with, obviously, the two landscape issues rotated on the printsheet.

Perf 15 x 14, unwatermarked.




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