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QE2 Definitives 2nd Series

1sh Halfpenny
1/7d Brown
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Mar57+Booklets Nov57 Mar57 Mar55 Mar57
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Decimals Oct59? Discontinued

Design based on sculptured bas-relief of W.L. Bowles, Stamp design by FD. Manley, Large values engraved by G. Lissendon. Small values by Manley.

This interesting series was an adjunct to the existing 1953 definitives. It was not originally conceived as a definitive series. The first stamp issued the 1/0d, simply replaced the equivalent KGVI format in early 1955. However, the design proved popular, and two years later the remaining values were issued.

Watermarked paper

From 1956, all values up to and including 2/6d were printed on unwatermarked paper. Thus, in this series, only the 1/0d appears on watermarked paper because it was issued in 1995.


Small format: The traditional 640 on consisting of 4 post office sheets, each 2 panes, 10x8.

Medium format: The traditional 480-on consisting of 4 post office sheets, single panes, 12x10.


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