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QE2 Definitives 1

3d Red
3d Green
6d Yellow
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Aug53 Jun54 June53 Mar53 Jun54
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Feb59 May59 Mar59

Queen's head definitives. Based on Dorothy Wilding Ltd . photograph of same.

Designed: FD. Manley

Engraved: D. Cameron

640 on*

Watermarked paper

From 1948 on, all definitives below the current letter rate (in this case 3d) had no watermark. From 1956, all values up to and including 2/6d had no watermark. Hence, in this issue, the 3d and 6d are found both with, and without watermark.

*ACSC (Brusden White) state that the 2d is 240 on, this must be a typo which I think should refer to the 1953 Antarc

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