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11d Bandicoot

Engraved: P.E. Morriss

3.5.61 Normal paper 35214 Printsheets
12.63 Helecon paper 6250 printsheets
9.64 Normal paper
2.6.65 Helecon paper 7,158,103*

An experimental printing of 4 million stamps on Helecon paper were released in December 1963. This formed the basis for all stamps from 1965 on to be printed using Helecon. In this denomination there are two separate releases of , Helecon, indistinguishable from each other. The 1963 trial and the last printings before decimalisation.

Although a white paper was introduced for printings in mid 1964, the two helecon printings originate from the same helecon coated paper and are not distinguishable.

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